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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of MMSDose.com

-> You are sharing photos and videos on your behalf. mmsdose.com and admins or moderators are not responsible. Only you will be held responsible for any issue from photo or video

-> Leaked photos and videos are not allowed at all. Leaked photos and videos are not approved by the user in video which may lead of defaming. You and only you are responsible for any police actions.

-> By uploading photos and videos you agree to share your ip address to prevent any restricted content i.e Child porn , Rape videos , or any type of photo or video which is not approved by user or leaked ones.

-> Your ip address will be provided to Authorities if you are found guilty for exploiting any social laws or restricted content.

-> Child Porn / Rape videos / Leaked content is not allowed. If found guilty your ip address will be banned for lifetime. And your ip address will be shared to authorities.

-> You should be atleast of 18 of Years. If you found under 18 your Activites will be resorted to your parents. And your ip address will be banned for lifetime.

-> You are allowed to share files you have right to share with permission of user.

-> Copyrighted material is not allowed. Your account will be banned.

-> Links provided of any content is not related  to us and or any of our team.

-> You are not allowed to bully someone. Messaging anyone without user permission will be not be tolerated.

-> You are not allowed sell anything. If you loose your money then mmsdose.com will be not responsible.

-> You are not allowed to share private Numbers , Mails or social handles without user permission.

-> Before viewing any content you should be well aware of adult or exploit content.

-> You are not allowed to defame website or any user here.

For any wrong action you will be reported. So be very careful for your actions.

            ~ MMSDose Team

Third Parties

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